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About me


I am a programmer. So I write code, at this time mainly for web applications. And since I've been doing this for more than 20 years, I kinda know the things I'm good at, and the things I'm not that good at.

Refactoring is one of the things I'm good at. I can take existing code spaghetti, and isolate independent testable services. I also like to introduce interfaces, which clarifies the dependencies between services, and makes them easier to unit test.

I write a lot of tests. Unit tests for new code, web tests for existing code that might be difficult to understand, but that needs to be working after I fiddled with it. I want my tests to run automatically on every new merge request.

CQRS and event buses are also things I like to use. For some time, I've been working on an event sourced score app for the wiezen (solo whist) card game. DDD is something that I find very interesting, but I still have a lot to learn about that.


I like Linux and open source, and I like Belgian beers. I play cards (wiezen), but I didn't manage to become the world champion (yet). And I will probably stay a little 'Johan of the Chiro' forever. My head is always full of ambitous plans, about things I want to develop, or things I want to blog about.


To be clear: I don't know anything about Word and Excel. I know about printers that they often don't work. And I can't work on a computer if it lacks decent command line tools.