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About me


I am a programmer. So I write code, at this time mainly for web applications. And since I've been doing this for more than 20 years, I kinda know the things I'm good at, and the things I'm not that good at.

Refactoring is one of the things I'm good at. I can take existing code spaghetti, and isolate independent testable services. I also like to introduce interfaces, which clarifies the dependencies between services, and makes them easier to unit test.

I write a lot of tests. Unit tests for new code, web tests for existing code that might be difficult to understand, but that needs to be working after I fiddled with it. I want my tests to run automatically on every new merge request.

CQRS and event buses are also things I like to use. For some time, I've been working on an event sourced score app for the wiezen (solo whist) card game.

I am not a good project manager. I don't like the planning part. And I don't want to talk to users or clients about future features, because I don't like to spoil their expectations. I'd rather work on improving the inner workings of software, than on implementing new features.

So the next time someone on LinkedIn tells me he has a perfect job for me, as project manager or analyst, to plan a project together with the client, he makes clear that he didn't do the effort to look at my blog.

For the moment I work on PHP/Symfony applications for the group Biomedische Wetenschappen bij de KU Leuven. At the KU Leuven I learned a lot about object oriented programming, automatic tests, event sourcing and CQRS.

In a previous life, I've worked for Chirojeugd Vlaanderen, where I was one of the authors of the GroepsAdministratiePortaal. I also worked on their CiviCRM implementation, and that way I contributed to CiviCRM itself as well.


I like Linux and open source, and I like Belgian beers. I play cards (wiezen), but I didn't manage to become the world champion (yet). And I will probably stay a little 'Johan of the Chiro' forever. My head is always full of ambitous plans, about things I want to develop, or things I want to blog about. But most of those plans go nowhere: there are way to many interesting things on this world, and there is way to little time.


To be clear: I don't know anything about Word and Excel. I know about printers that they often don't work. And I can't work on a computer if it lacks decent command line tools.