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gitlab-ci and yarn

For my previous post, on gitlab-ci and codeception, I created a small project on gitlab that runs selenium webtests during gitlab-ci. The project being tested is just a small vue.js-application.

Recently I rewrote that small application; now it uses a single file vue component. I'm not completely sure what I've done, but it seems to work, and it involves webpack encore and yarn.

Running yarn from gitlab-ci

Now the challenge was to run yarn from gitlab-ci. I was looking for a docker container with yarn (even tried to build one myself), but it took me some time before I discovered that yarn is included in the node-container.

So I now use this node container in an extra task of the build stage in my .gitlab-ci.yaml. I create an artifact with the generated javascript, which is used in the test stage. That seems to work.

As I said before, I am new to vue, and it's the first time I use yarn and webpack. So maybe I am making some obvious mistakes. Please let me know if there are things that can be done in a better way.


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