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Put your money where your mouth is: Google Analytics

All of a sudden I saw the light. In this series I evangelize that Google is evil, and how I don't want to be tracked. But meanwhile I secretly tell Google that you are reading my blog, via Google Analytics. Which is at least a bit hypocritic.

I don't even remember why I ever put the Google Analytics script on mysite. Sometimes I looked to the list of popular blog posts, but I can do that without Google Analytics. So let's dump it.

Google Analytics in the garbage can

Removing Google Analytics from my site is nothing more than deleting a script. And with those 10 lines of Javascript, I could delete half of my privacy statement as well. Win-win.

Meanwhile I use Webalizer again to gather statistics about page visits on my blog, like in the old days. I suspect Webalizer has not changed since I used it the last time; it's latest release was in 2012. But it still does what it is supposed to do.

By looking at the Webalizer stats, I discovered that an old post I wrote back in 2012 about a Raspberry Pi print server, is still rather popular. On this page, I use a monotype-font for file names and commands, and it seemed that the combination of this monotype font with the default font of the hack theme, which I was using until recently, was very ugly.

So I returned to a more default theme for my blog, maybe I will personalize the theme again at some point in the future.

But meanwhile Google can't track you via the font of the hack theme. So everybody is happy now.


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