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Dikdikdik: a Wiezen (Solo Whist) score app

For some time I've been working on a web application that helps you keeping track of the score if you want to play the Wiezen card game. Wiezen, as we play it, is called solo whist on Wikipedia.

Yesterday this score application (in Dutch, sorry) reached version 1.0. So I thought it would be appropriate to announce this release on my blog.

Admittedly, the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. But it turned out a very cool application (imho), with a nice event sourced backend, and gitlab pipelines that automatically test new source code. 🤓

The score app follows the whist game rules as set by Rijk van Afdronk vzw. The application can be tested (as long as my vps doesn't die) at; source code can be found on gitlab.

can only get this once!


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